The Role Of Lyophilized Powder

Can lyophilized powder relieve the hormone face? Is lyophilized powder safe? What is the role of lyophilized powder? Can use lyophilized powder to excrete hormones?
In fact, the lyophilized powder has more of some protein and other substances required by the skin, so it can directly affect the skin’s metabolism. Although the lyophilized powder can not absorb the hormones in the skin, but the effect of strengthening the circulation to help discharge is still very good.

The role of lyophilized powder: fight against skin cell aging
The lyophilized powder can effectively activate the fibroblasts of the dermis layer of the skin to promote the rapid construction of the elastic fibers in the cells. At the same time, the use of this product will increase the accumulation of keratinocytes in the skin, so that those whose skin is sensitive or damaged by other stratum corneum can slowly return to normal levels.

The role of lyophilized powder: removing skin red blood

lyophilized powder can improve the skin’s ability to resist free radicals, and at the same time can effectively improve the state of blood vessels, so that blood circulation can be smoother, then red blood will not be happened. Of course, its function of thickening the stratum corneum cells is also a way to fight red blood cells.

The role of lyophilized powder: repairing scars on the skin

According to the principle of cell tissue regeneration and repair, the lyophilized powder sequentially links the elastic fibers of the DNA layer of the cell to form collagen to replace the scar tissue, promote scar absorption, and thus soften the repair and flatten the scar tissue to achieve The purpose of repairing scars.
The role of lyophilized powder: effective removal of skin wrinkles

Because the lyophilized powder is 100% homologous to the human body, it can help you smooth the wrinkles on your face. By promoting the production of keratin protein, the skin can be effectively repaired and regenerated after a series of metabolism.

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Време за публикуване: 2019-10-18