Mis on lüofiliseeritud pulbri mõju?

Compared with lotion, essence or cream, lyophilized powder has higher content of active ingredients, so the effect is better. So what are the effects of lyophilized powder?

The role of lyophilized powder: fight skin aging
The lyophilized powder can effectively uniformly activate the fibroblasts in the dermal layer of the skin, thereby promoting the rapid construction of the elastic fibers and collagen construction committees in the cells. As we all know, the aging of cells is because of the loss of vitality and then gradually becomes inelastic, and the lyophilized powder can effectively combat this problem of the skin, and it can also stimulate the surface cells of the skin to make them differentiate faster. To meet the needs of normal cell shedding. At the same time, the use of lyophilized powder will increase the accumulation of skin keratinocytes, so that those with sensitive skin or other damaged stratum corneum can slowly return to normal levels.

The role of lyophilized powder: remove skin red bloodshot
The main reason for the appearance of red blood vessels is the dilation of the capillaries on the face and the thinning of the stratum corneum of the skin. The differential expansion in the middle causes the damage of the skin to become more and more serious. The lyophilized powder can improve the skin’s ability to resist free radicals, that is to say, it can effectively improve the frequency of allergic conditions, and at the same time, it can effectively improve the state of blood vessels, so that blood circulation can be smoother, and never again Capillary blood vessels will become clogged, and there is no way to talk about red blood vessels. Of course, its function to thicken the stratum corneum cells is also a coup against red blood cells.

The role of lyophilized powder: effectively remove skin wrinkles
As we age, we inevitably grow wrinkles. Since the freeze-dried powder is 100% homologous to the human body, it can be used to help you smooth the wrinkles on your face. The way it works is to promote the production of keratin, so that the skin can effectively repair and regenerate the skin after a series of metabolisms.

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Post time: 2019-12-02