Harm Of Expired Cosmetics And What Is The Use Of Common Expired Cosmetics?

What kind of garbage is expired cosmetics?
Expired cosmetics are hazardous waste. Because expired cosmetics contain many harmful bacteria, they will cause harm to the user’s skin condition and health after use, and will also pollute the ecological environment. Expired cosmetics may also contain mineral oil or mercury, and have deteriorated, possibly to the environment. Cause certain pollution.

Harm of expired cosmetics
1.trigger dermatitis
The beneficial nutrients in expired cosmetics are destroyed and deteriorated, which will affect the normal condition of the skin, cause skin inflammation, and cause dermatitis problems such as 2.acne and spots
Expired cosmetics contain a lot of harmful bacteria. When they enter the human body, the skin will be infected, and acne and spotting machines will grow.

3.causing sepsis or meningitis
If a novice mother or a pregnant mother uses expired cosmetics, the harmful ingredients in the expired cosmetics will indirectly contact the baby through the mother, which may easily cause the baby to suffer from hemolysis, cause sepsis or meningitis, and endanger the baby’s health.
4.the polluted environment
If the expired cosmetics are not properly disposed, but flow directly into the soil and river, the chemical composition will cause great pollution to the soil, air and water, affect the soil and water quality, and endanger the ecological environment.

What if I accidentally use expired cosmetics to cause allergies?
Stop all the cosmetics, do not add a burden to the skin, it is recommended to go to the dermatology to see, eat anti-allergic drugs, have an intravonous drip, it is best to wash your face with water below the warm water, try not to wash your face cleanser, you should also choose the kind of gentle, anti-allergic, hydrating, wash your face can take some mineral water on the face, Nongfu Spring, on the line, if you dry, rub aloe vera gel, hydrating and anti-inflammatory.

TIips: What is the use of common expired cosmetics?
1. Expired facial cleanser
Expired facial cleanser can be used to brush shoes, brush sleeves and stains on the collar for a good cleaning effect. And it can be used to wipe tiles, etc., which has a good effect on the cleaning of tiles.
2. Expired facial toner
Expired facial toner can be used to wipe glass and mirrors, clean the dust and stains on glass and mirrors, and also maintain leather to keep the leather shiny.Expired emulsion
The lotion can be used to maintain leather goods such as leather clothes, leather shoes, leather sofas, etc. It can also be applied to the hair tips to maintain the hair. Applying on the fingernails can make the nails shine.
3. Expired loose powder
Wrap the expired loose powder in a small cloth and put it into a shoe cabinet, a closet, or a shoe to prevent moisture and moisture.
4. Expired Lipstick
Apply expired lipstick to silver jewellery to clean the silver jewellery and keep the jewels shiny.
5. Expired perfume
Spray the expired perfume indoor and inside the car to keep the air in the space fresh. Spray on the shoes to remove odor and so on.
6. Expired face cream
The expired cream can maintain the leather, keep the leather shiny, and can also be applied to the feet and legs, with good foot protection and smooth legs.

Post time: 2019-10-29