प्रभावीपणे पांढरे कसे करावे?

The first step is to master the correct skincare skills

1. Understand your skin characteristics, pay attention to moisturizing. Oily acne muscles are actually because the skin is dehydrated, and dry skin needs hydration even more. Normal skin cares well, but it also needs normal hydration. Therefore, no matter what kind of skin, pay attention to moisturizing is the key, and at the same time work well with sunscreen.

2. Regular work and rest to ensure the normal metabolism of the skin, and sweating with exercise, can make the skin white and red, radiate a healthy luster, and delay aging.

3. Pay attention to nutrient intake in daily life and eat more food to make skin whiter. Such as beauty drinks honey lemonade, milk, cucumber, aloe juice, fresh vegetables rich in vitamins C and E such as tomatoes, lemons, इ., can make the skin white from the inside out.

The correct choice of skin care products with good whitening effects depends on the whitening ingredients. The whitening and blemish ingredients on the market mainly include kojic acid, arbutin, salicylic acid, vitamin C glycoside, asiaticoside, nicotinamide, vitamin B derivatives, इ. Their main role is to inhibit or block the production of tyrosinase Melanin, which can significantly improve pigmentation, sunburn, freckles, acne marks, hormonal spots, chloasma and age spots. Skin care products with good whitening effects contain at least one or more whitening ingredients.

Our arbutin whitening cream is a good choice. The ingredients are natural and safe, and the effect is remarkable. We have our own factory specializing in the development and production of skin care products and female personal care products. Welcome to build samples! If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

Post time: 2020-06-28
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