What Is The Reason Why The Mask Is Applied To The Face ?

Some people will have hot pain on their face when applying mask. It is best to stop applying mask. What is the cause of burning pain on the face when applying mask?

What is the cause of hot pain when applying mask on the face?

It may be that the face is not cleaned, the skin is too dry, and the mask may not be suitable for the skin. Many people will have hot pain on their face when applying mask. Don’t think that you are allergic. At this time, you must stop applying the mask quickly, or it will cause more serious skin damage.

The reason why the face is hot pain when applying mask

1. The face is notclean

This is not to say that the cleansing makeup is not removed, but the cleansing products that remain in the dead corners of the face after cleansing or the shampoo products that splash on the face after bathing. These products are not washed on the face, which will cause tingling in the subsequent skin care.

2. The face is extremely short of water

There is hot pain when applying the mask. One of the reasons for this is that the face is extremely dehydrated. At this time, the facial skin is dry and tight, and even peeling, especially the sensitive muscles. Therefore, before applying the mask, you must take a layer of toner to not only moisturize the skin, but also make the subsequent mask more docile.

3. The mask is not suitable for the skin

Sometimes, after applying the mask, there will be a hot paiin, and even partial redness. This is actually because the mask is not suitable for the skin, or the skin is poorly tolerated at this time. Therefore, it is best to use some soothing products to protect the skin and disable functional products and masks.

4. The sensitivity caused by the temperature difference

In the summer, many people will choose to put the mask in the refrigerator. When the mask is cool, applied it to the face. In fact, this behavior will also cause skin sensitivity, which may be caused by red blood. If the face has a tingling sensation at this time, don’t think it is hydrating.

5. Facial skin discomfort

When the nose is cold, the nose is red and peeling, the skin around the mouth is peeled off, and the small wound after the acne is squeezed. These are all facial skin discomforts. In fact, it is not suitable for applying the mask in this state, especially Cleansing mask.

The mask should not be excessive, the frequency is too high, and the time is too long. It is not good for the skin. What is the effect of the mask applied for too long?


What is the effect of the mask applied for too long?

After applying the mask for a long time, the mask and facial skin will dry out. If the mask is applied for a long time, it may cause excessive accumulation of water in the stratum corneum, swelling of keratinocyte hydration and swelling, which weakens the skin barrier function. The clinical manifestations are skin whitening, wrinkling, and the like. Therefore, it is best not to exceed 20 minutes. If you have the remaining serum, you can put it in the refrigerator and seal it. You can use it once on the second day.

Suggestions for the use of various masks

1. Paste mask

Washable mask

Apply a proper amount of cream to the face and leave it for 10-20 minutes, then rinse off with water. It is recommended that oily and mixed skin should not exceed 2 times a week; dry and neutral skin should be recommended no more than once a week; sensitive skin is generally not recommended. (The wash-off type is generally paste-like, which has a cleaning effect, so sensitive skin is generally not recommended)

Leave-on mask:

Apply a proper amount of cream to the face without special cleaning. For dry and neutral skin, it is recommended not to use 2 to 3 times a week; Oily skin, sensitive skin and acne patients with caution. (This sentence is mainly considering that the no-clean mask is thicker on the skin . In addition, the high humidity for a long time is not very friendly to sensitive skin. )

2. Face mask sheet

Apply the mask to the face for 10-30min. After removing the mask, wipe off the residual mask solution. If the skin feels sticky, rinse with water and then take care of the skin. The frequency of use of the mask can be determined according to factors such as individual skin condition, skin care habits and environmental climatic conditions to avoid overuse. (Avoid overuse. There are no accurate numbers here, such as using it several times a week, every few days, etc. This is because everyone’s situation is different, so it is judged according to their skin feelings. From a personal point of view It is recommended to apply 2-3 times a week.)

3. Tear-away mask

Apply the mask to the face, peel off after film formation, and wash off the residue on the face with water. These products have the function of exfoliating and removing oil, so oily skin can be used once a week; neutral or mixed skin can be used once every two weeks; dry skin and sensitive skin are not recommended. Such masks are not recommended for frequent use. (The grease removed by the tear-off mask is the oil contained in the angle plug. However, when the angle plug is removed, the outermost layer of keratinocytes will also stick to the skin. If it is used too frequently or for a long time, it may damage the skin barrier. If it is not necessary to solve the problem with a tear mask, it is recommended to consider a milder treatment.)

4. Powder mask

Can be divided into hard film and soft film. Hard film is commonly used in dermatology and professional beauty facilities. When the soft film powder is used, it needs to be added with water to make it into a paste, and then applied to the face immediately, and after being formed into a film, it is peeled off, and the surface residue is washed off with water. Has a certain cleaning and exfoliation effect. Neutral, oily, and combination skin is recommended to be used no more than 2 times a week; dry, sensitive skin is not recommended.

Post time: 2019-11-19