Are you using sunscreen spray right?

Sunscreen spray is a product of chemical sunscreen. Its purpose is mainly to solve the problems of physical sunscreen, such as greasy skin. Therefore, many people feel that it is more convenient to use sunscreen spray in the summer when sweating is easy, and the breathability is better. In addition to its convenient and refreshing characteristics, how to use sunscreen spray scientifically and correctly in order to exert its sunscreen effect?

Applying sunscreen spray directly to the areas that require sunscreen is the most direct use of sunscreen spray. First, take good care of the area, then spray directly on the skin with the sunscreen spray, then gently press and pat with your hands to apply the sunscreen spray evenly.
Like many parts, we are not suitable to use the first method, such as face, spraying sunscreen spray directly is easy to spray into the eyes, nose or mouth. So at this time, it is best to spray the sunscreen spray on the palm first, and then use a gentle press to apply evenly on the face.

Before using the sunscreen spray, shake it evenly and place the sunscreen 10-15cm away from the face or body. It should be emphasized again that the amount of sunscreen spray should not be small. If it is sprayed on the face, it should be sprayed 2-3 times to achieve the effect of sunscreen spray. Since sunscreen spray and other sunscreen products will not take effect immediately, it is recommended to spray well Go out after 15 to 20 minutes.

In addition to the points mentioned above, it is also necessary to do a good job of sunscreen replenishment, because most sunscreens in sunscreen sprays are chemical sunscreens. After absorbing ultraviolet rays, they will gradually lose their sunscreen effect.

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Post time: 2020-06-22