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Natural herbal pearl cream, including White peony, White Stork, White peony, White peony, Atractylodes, Pearl powder, Tocopherol, 甘油, allantoin, sodium hyaluronate and other natural extracts, gently and effectively remove acne scars, soothe acne inflammation zone Stinging sensation, preventing skin acne formation, deep hydration, improving skin resilience, brightening skin



產品名稱: Herbal pearl cream Skin type: All kinds of skin
產地: 廣東, 中國 MOQ: 3 件
年齡組: 成人 多得: J-DY
應用: Face 淨重: 1kg,2kg,5kg,20kg or customed
認證: GMP, Iso Time Used: Day
Selling Units: Single item Single package size: 12X12X12 cm
Single gross weight: 1.0 kg Package Type: customized packing export packing
提前期 Shipped within 15 days after payment is made Tips Skin care products are only used for assisting, serious skin problems are recommended to see a doctor
成分: White peony,White Stork,White peony,White peonyAtractylodes,Pearl powder,Tocopherol, 甘油, allantoin, sodium hyaluronate 特徵: Acne Treatment, Nourishing, Lightening, Moisturizer


Angelica dahurica: lighten acne spots

Paeony: Delays aging and brightens skin tone

White peony: dilute acne scars, anti-edema, brighten and moisturize, rejuvenate

Atractylodes Rhizoma Bletilla: lighten melanin, fade spots

Bletilla striata: acne removal, brighten dull complexion

Atractylodes: acne treatment, soothing hot acne, fade spots

White oak: relieves itching caused by dry skin

Pearl powder: lighten spots, brighten skin tone, reduce wrinkles

The factory has more than 30 fully automated assembly lines, integrating production, filling and weighing. The largest mixing boiler is 500kg, the daily output of mask is 50,000 件, the daily filling volume of ampoules is 50,000 bottles, and the daily output of automatic cigarette making machine 50,000 to meet the needs of large customers
Our products can be produced from different materials.The following information is for your reference:
Face Cream, 眼霜, 護手霜, Body Cream
Lemon, Honey, Lavender, Jasmine, 玫瑰, Sakura, Stawberry, Mint, 等.
Organic almond oil, Organic olive oil, Arbutin, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Jojoba oil, Sea buckthorn oil, Shea butter, Aloe vera, Collagen, Tea tree etc.
功能 & 特徵
Anti-aging, Anti-oxidation, Firming, Skin Brightening, 保濕, Nourishing, Repair sensitivity, Lighten dark circles, Whitening, 等.




公司產品嘅基礎係 ” 安全,更多維修,更保濕"嘅質素追求同對用戶和使用嘅高度負責嘅態度 100 % 原始的生態材料係喺研究同開發技術, 原料配方, 質量監控, 美容修復效果等方面嘅系統研究檢查,以提高產品嘅技術含量同美容修復效果.

我哋堅持"用心創造價值"嘅宗旨 ,分享幸福和美麗徜徉,積極貫徹桎梏責任桎梏嘅價值理念,innovation and sharing”.At the same time, 我哋都重視社會福利嘅傳播, 積極追求利他責任,係自然嘅美.

1.問吓: 如果我哋想訂購 oem, 對訂單數量是否有任何限制(MOQ)?
A:moq 好大程度上取決於你選擇嘅產品類型. 無論產品類型點, 我哋始終提供有競爭力嘅價錢同優質嘅產品, 以最符合您的業務需要.
2.問吓: 你可以提供下紙?
A: 我哋可以提供 iso, gmpc 紙. 有關產品的其他證書(如 FDA, Sgs,Ce), 如果要, 我可以為你應用, 但佢可能會招致一些使用.
3.問吓: 我哋可以喺產品或包裝上打印我哋嘅幑標或公司名稱嗎??
A: 係. 如果你有註冊自己的品牌,你可以寄畀我哋貼紙或提供你嘅設計,以便我哋可以將佢打印喺包裹上。(每個包都有MOQ).
4.問吓: 交貨時間 ?
A: 通常喺訂單確認後15~30日, 詳細交貨日期應該係
5.問吓: 你使用哪些運輸方式?
A: 我哋透過速遞船. 如聯邦快遞, Dhl, Tnt等(空運或海運)